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What is the Bry More School Environmental Project?

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What is the Environmental Project?

Spearheaded by our Science department, this website offers an opportunity for our students and staff to create a dialogue about both the environment they live in, as well as how they can work together to improve it. Here at Bry More, our students learn about the impact that they have on the environment in relation to every part of their studies in Agriculture. We believe its imperative that when our students graduate, they have a firm grasp on the effect that their working lives will have on the planet. When our young alumni enter the working world, they do so armed with the knowledge that will aid them in making the best decisions both for their enterprises as well as their planet.

What form does the project take?

Unlike the more practical tasks that the students usually find themselves involved in, the project will be based entirely online. Although our students are given some training in using Informational Technology, the focus of their studies is usually on the practical complexities of farming: rearing livestock, developing the land and running a profitable business. This website will be a place for our students to write brief essays, plans and articles on the environment. Their writing will be supplemented by factual updates from the staff so that we can jointly create a useful online resource that can aid and inform other agricultural workers in the industry.

How can I contribute to the Bry More School Online Project?

Although the project started out being run exclusively by the School, since the site has grown increased in popularity, guest writers have been invited to post articles on the site. If you would like to contribute a piece of writing then you can pop a message in the Contact form on the home page and a representative from the project will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Does the Bry More School Online Project make any money?

This is a non-profit website, providing interesting, thought-provoking articles that have been written by educated scientists, as well as students who are still in the process of learning their trade. The contributors to this site are not paid for their services; they are kind enough to provide their work free of charge, so that both the students and readers of the site can benefit from the information contained within it.

How long will the Project function for?

The Project was initially given funding from the School Board to run for a year. However, due to the low cost of keeping the site updated, its lifespan has been extended indefinitely. The site represents a great opportunity for students to develop their writing schools and foster their online abilities, whereas it also offers staff a place to express their professional stance on issues in their field. As long as the voluntary team of staff and students remain to update it, the site should be running for as long as the school is open.