Our Staff

Meet the teaching team behind the project…

Jane Hesseltyne

With a decade’s experience running her own Dairy farm, Jane proved herself more than capable after taking over a large holding from her Father after he retired.

However, after successfully revitalising the business and diversifying the family’s stake in the local area, she felt that she was no longer challenged by the day-to-day tasks that her farm had to offer.

Handing over management of the property to her sister, she went back into education to study her PGCE and moved to Bry More shortly after.


Matthieu Tellindall

Years spent toiling in the golden fields of Calais has left Matthieu with an uncanny knowledge of the Earth’s weather systems and how they affect the yield of a farm.

Although his initial training was more focused on staple crops such as wheat and maize; in recent years Matthieu has been working on a Biological Sciences MSc which has been equipping him with fresh insight into a field that he has forever been enamoured with.


Ed Morrison

Ed is one of the few teachers working in the school to have not grown up in a rural area.

For many kids growing up in the city, the idea of moving out to the country, devoid of diversions and ‘fun’, is a detestable one – not for Edward, however.

As a young lad he read numerous Enid Blyton books, chronicling children’s adventures through the beautiful English countryside leading him to dream of nothing more than leaving the city for good and setting up a life for himself amongst the fields and the trees.


Amerie Simpstead

Working with sheep can be a challenge, yet its one that Amerie tackles everyday with abandon, in addition to throwing herself into teaching Livestock & Management to all age groups at Bry More.

One of the rare examples of teachers that practice exactly what they preach, her small holding of around 30 Merino sheep provide her with some of the highest quality wool all year round which is then sold on to local craft companies.


Ethan Catalan

The Fish Farming course that Bry More runs is one of the few in the country and Ethan is the perfect person to run it.

A man who has caught more than his fair share of wild fish in his time, Ethan settled down to a successful life as a trout farmer in the early 90s.

He soon found himself doing a roaring business, supplying restaurants and caterers with some of the finest fish available at the time. After selling his firm, he made the move to the UK to teach and has never looked back.